Exp2plt by Luiz Eleno

Exp2plt was firstly devised as a tool for converting file in the DATAPLOT graphical language --- utilized by Thermocalc when generating datafiles from the POST module (with the command make_experimental) --- to a set of gnuplot readable files (a macro file with gnuplot commands and one or more datafiles).  Since then, exp2plt has become a full graphical interface to gnuplot, while still retaining (with more and enhanced options) the capabilities of converting Thermocalc exp files.

Amongst the many capabilities of exp2plt, an option to export the generated eps file to pdf format (but the user must have a running epstopdf, usually included in LaTeX distributions such as TeTeX or MikTeX), additional datafiles to be plotted, and (raw) gnuplot commands are available.

The  application is distributed as a complete package written in Tcl/Tk, although it is still in a beta state. As such, exp2plt is highly usable, but has still some critical bugs that only usage by the author itself and feedback from users will fix. This will come with the next releases. By the time being, exp2plt beta 0.1 can be downloaded form sourceforge ( Enjoy!